Security Alarms & Monitoring

Awareness Control – Arm or disarm your system remotely, and get alerts to notify you of activities you care about. Proactive Safeguards – Receive a notification if you forgot to arm your system and always know if an alarm is triggered.

Security Cameras

We Carry & Install Security Cameras for Home & Business. We can link multiple buildings with one Security NVR (Network Video Recorder) by line of site - Check out our portfolio!

Fire Protection

With the help of Lively Security you can have your home monitored for the detection of smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide while you are HOME or AWAY. Each time a fire alarm is activated, either the central station or fire department is called day or night. That means you get 24/7 fire alerts!

Website Services

Do it Yourself - Domain Names, Web Design, Hosting, Email, & More!

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